About Us

AVLS designs, builds, and supports superior audio-video solutions. We do not only deliver diverse and customized technologies to meet the unique needs of our clients but we also extend our services to exceed client's expectations and imaginations.

Our project speaks for ourselves. From boardrooms, classroom and to larger venues and hotels, we create the whole experience by providing lights, sounds and system integration that engage, excite and operate consistently in every environment.

We’ve come a long way since 1997 when we began as a distributor of multimedia projectors. At that time, projectors were a significant business investment in revolutionizing how people share information and present their ideas. Though technology has evolved since then, it has also become more complicated, creating the need for intelligent design, seamless integration and comprehensive support. We’ve learned that it’s more important for our clients to have flexible solutions that are intuitive and simple to maintain.

We believe it’s not just about product features and specifications; it’s keeping cost in mind while maintaining the highest standard of quality. It’s not relying on a product checklist, but having a deep understanding of the requirements and making sure the most effective solutions are delivered on time. It doesn’t end with one project; it’s creating long- lasting relationships based on reliability and dedicated service. We design technology that liberates so our clients can focus on making their business grow.

Throughout the years, with some of the world’s best brands and manufacturers, we have strived to set the standard in digital media to give our clients the collaborative capability to interact and manage information. We turn ideas into experience and innovate how we learn, communicate and inspire. At AVLS, we create your vision.