Design and Build by AVLS

All Visual and Lights Systems enhanced H&M's consumer experience through designing and installing the store's Public Address and Background Music System.

H&M is one of the leading brands in the casual fashion scene. The Swedish multinational clothing company currently opened several stores across the county. Considering H&M's store size and requirement, AVLS installed 56 units of high performance ceiling speakers along with a sound processor, 8-zone mixer, AV rack, 2 units of power amplifier, and 32 units of bass module ceiling subwoofer. These top-notch audio equipment compromise H&M's reliable PABGM system which is used daily for announcements and background music. Moreover, the system is also an important tool during emergency situations.

The PABGM system broadcasts H&M's daily background music and announcements. Background music influences shopper behavior and perception. Therefore, it improves a store's atmosphere, shortens perceived waiting time in cashier and fitting room queues, and as studies suggest, increases sales. The PABGM System may also be connected to a Fire Detection and Alarm System, and so it plays critical role in ensuring the safety of the customers and staff during emergency situations.

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