The Municipality of Bayambang boasts a conducive multi-function venue with AVLS-installed Community speakers that can produce intelligible sound spread evenly throughout the place.

Just last year, the Mayor of Bayambang recognized the town's need for a multi-function venue that could accommodate 300 to 500 people. Above everything else, a venue is defined by the quality of its sound system. A venue without an advanced audio system is a total waste of time and money. To make the most out of the space, AVLS equipped Bayambang's covered gymnasium with audio solutions including Community Loudspeakers along with other sound equipment.

This project, which took two months to implement, is truly game changer. Now, the municipality's events will be held with louder, clearer, and well-distributed sounds and the people of Bayambang will experience audio like they never did before.

Hear the difference as
Community Professional Loudspeakers
fill every seat with sound.

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