Design and Build by AVLS

They say that behind a great company is a great group of people. Capital One, with the help of All Visual and Lights Systems, enhanced their employee experience by providing advanced audio visual solutions at their facilities.

A workspace should be more than just a work space. It should also serve as an environment where employees could easily thrive. Employee well-being is heavily correlated to productivity, and technological advancements in the workplace help in boosting employee engagement and performance.

AVLS installed LED TV, projector systems, and audiovisual equipment at Capital One's employee facilities such as Conference Room, Production Area, Coaching Area, Collaboration Pods, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Meeting rooms, Gaming Area, Online Testing Room, Training Room, and Videoke Room. Aside from these, AVLS also installed the game console and mounted displays in Capital One's Gaming Area and Production Area respectively

Aside from improving employee experience, Capital One also improved their corporate image by being an early adaptor of the newest technology. In an industry where change is constant, it is a must that a company should keep up with the latest audiovisual solutions. All Visual and Lights Systems has the right tools to make your employee experience exciting and your corporate image up to date.

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