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Greenfield District is a lifestyle hub strategically located in the heart of a bustling business district. It offers a wide range of entertainment and dining options for both employees and students in Ortigas and nearby areas.

All Visual and Lights Systems installed a large LED display at Greenfield District's Central Park. Greenfield Development Corporations' vision is to develop future-proof and technology-ready projects, so it comes as no surprise that Greenfield would determine installing a LED wall to add to the modern vibe of the area.

A signage so massive people cannot miss.

The 11m x 4m LED wall has been turning heads since December 2013. It has a pixel pitch of 16mm with a Cree DIP LED bulb. At night, the LED wall illuminates Greenfield’s outdoor park while its customers hangout and enjoy food and drinks after a long, tiring day.

An entertaining platform to get the message across.

The modern, attention-grabbing LED wall is a statement itself. It conveys that Greenfield District stays true to their vision of creating future-ready establishments. Aside from that, the LED wall is an effective platform to deliver advertisements, event promotions, and announcements.

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