One of the Largest IKEA Store Chose Community Speakers Community Loudspeakers are installed at IKEA Goyang, one of largest IKEA stores in the world. The global furniture giant opened the 164,000 square meter store last October 2017 and had invested over KRW 300 million on its construction. The Goyang branch has 42 room sets, 3 basement floors, and 4 ground floors.

For the store,s background music and announcement system, Community pendant loudspeakers were chosen as it can provide both audio quality and aesthetic solution that IKEA required. Overall, IKEA Goyan's sound system is a combination of 105 DP6 and 62 DP8 two-way, high output pendant loudspeakers driven by Inter-M DPA Series amplifiers.

Considering that people shop and wander around IKEA without them noticing how much time had already passed, it goes without saying that the company will invest in high-quality loudspeakers since a store's background music also add o the shopping mood of the customers. It was reported that the installation exceeded the required specification and met IKEA's standard for background music and announcement system.

"Inter-M provides BGM and PA for IKEA Goyang" by Community Professional Loudspeakers
"IKEA Goyang focuses on environment, sustainability" by Lim Jeong-yeo of The Korea Herald

Hear the difference as
Community Professional Loudspeakers
fill every seat with sound.

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