Design and Build by AVLS

Metrobank Card Corporation is a finance company with the goal of leading the country's payment solutions industry. The company leaped forward to this goal as All Visual and Lights Systems revamped their boardroom with the latest audiovisual solutions for meeting rooms.

All great inventions and solutions started as an idea. In the corporate world, the boardroom is where ideas and concepts are born. Aside from that, it is where crucial decisions are made and where proposals get either approved or rejected. Boardrooms are important, and so it must provide an atmosphere that promotes productive and decisive meetings.

All Visual and Lights Systems gathered and studied Metrobank Card Corporation’s requirements to be able to come up with a solution on how to make their boardroom modern and conducive for presentations and decision-making. The complete set-up includes video wall, video conferencing, wireless presentation, and audio system.

The full set of equipment are specifically as follows:

A company will benefit largely from boardrooms with large visual canvases, clear and intelligible sound system, and collaborative technology. If we want to improve the overall productivity of the workforce, high standard and modern meeting rooms should be our priority. With the right equipment and integration, AVLS will help you coordinate, collaborate, and communicate with ease.

We transform your ideas into experience.


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