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The advancement of technology has brought immense changes to various landscapes in our society. One change is the evolution of traditional classrooms into “smart classrooms”. Basically, a smart classroom is considered a digital classroom wherein teachers utilize different digital teaching tools such as videos, audios, computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, and others. These tools allow educators to encourage students to be more interactive, engaged, and interested in learning various subjects. Digital classrooms are mainly designed to improve learning efficiency and create an environment where learning can be processed easily.

While still developing and improving, teachers and schools opting for this kind of learning setup have reaped a lot of benefits. One primary benefit is the attainment of enhanced learning experiences as information is presented through audio-visual means such as photos, animated videos, flowcharts, maps, and graphs. Another is easier access to online resources. As digital classrooms use computers and the internet, students and teachers can download learning materials that can be used at any time.

Upgrade the way you teach. By modernizing your classrooms and integrating learning technology, you are helping instructors teach more effectively to improve student performance. We equip classrooms with a huge variety of digital teaching tools, including Interactive Displays, Cameras and Projection Systems that have replaced traditional blackboards. Our Digital Speech Laboratories have also allowed schools across the country to create better opportunities for interaction—all through simple, reliable interfaces that are easy to use for teachers.

Today, as a champion of smart classroom solutions in the Philippines, AVLS continues to improve some aspects of our educational systems. This is evident in how we have become a consistent provider of interactive display solutions in the Philippines.


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